RaineStudio specializes in archive-quality digital preservation of legacy audiovisual media. We have the equipment and expertise to handle many industrial and consumer formats. And we know how to deal with degraded and damaged tapes, coaxing them back to life to rescue their unique content.

Digital conversion

The first step is the most crucial. Once an analog recording has been digitally sampled, it will never degrade — not will it ever improve. We play back media on the right equipment and pay close attention to settings and adjustments that will result in the best possible rendition.

Supported formats

Video Audio
Regular, S-VHS and VHS‑C
1/4-inch open reel
Full, half and quarter-track mono or stereo;
15, 7-1/2, 3-3/4 and 1-7/8 ips
 8 mm
Video8, Hi8 and Digital8
Compact Cassette
Type I, II and IV equalization;
Dolby B and C noise reduction
MiniDV Microcassette
U-matic (3/4-inch) DAT
Regular and SP
Phonograph disc
33-1/3, 45 and 78 rpm
EIAJ-1 (1/2-inch open reel)

If your format is not listed, please ask.


We provide two files for every conversion:

  • a full-quality master (AVI or WAV) preserving all aspects of the original media
  • a high-quality working copy (MP4 or M4A) optimized for everyday use and sharing

Any common codec or container (such as MOV) can be supplied on request. And if you have serious archival needs, we can provide frame-level checksum files for future assessment of fixity.


RaineStudio has the experience to address physical media problems before they interfere with playback and conversion. Incubation (“baking”) of problematic open-reel tapes, cassette lubrication and shell repair, replacement of a limited number of splices, and cleaning are a few of the treatments included at no extra cost. In addition, we can provide digital processing to compensate for artifacts caused by media degradation. The result is a digital version that best reflects the original condition of the media.


Beyond the preservation of media in their best original form, remastering aims to correct technical errors, improve quality, and remake a recording to suit a particular taste or purpose. We can provide such services as color correction, adjustment of tonal balance, reduction of background noise, correction of speed errors, removal of extraneous material, and so forth. The result is a digital version which focuses on the best presentation of content.


Would you like to create a compilation? Produce DVD-Video or Blu-ray to distribute to friends and family? Incorporate historic footage in a video or slide presentation? Prepare media for distribution over the internet? RaineStudio provides editing, captioning and postproduction services for all types of audio and video material.